Junk food it is over between us!

The article “Food Geography: How Food Access Affects Diet and Health” addresses the problem of obesity in the United States. Reports from Surgeon General indicate that in the United States the number of people who have or are at risk of obesity has increased rapidly during the last decade. It is said that health disparities among the population in the US are related to their socio-economic status. Meaning that people that live in low income communities have less access to healthy food, therefore they are more likely to have poor health outcomes.

National data shows that in Philadelphia many minority groups suffer health problems in comparison to the population living in the city. In order to investigate the disparities in Philadelphia the Food Trust partnered up with the Philadelphia Health Management Corporation (PHMC) analyzed the community’s health data Base (2004). They found that “The absence of supermarkets and the inability to find quality groceries can lead to food insecurity, hunger, and obesity.” Residents in Philadelphia say that it is hard to find fruits and vegetables in their neighborhoods and this is because Philadelphia has the second lowest amount of supermarkets in their city many residents say they have to travel outside of their neighborhoods to supermarkets. Most people that were reported to have poor health also reported having poor quality groceries. More than eight out of ten adults that report poor quality groceries say that they do not take their suggested five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. People that do consume five servings a day say that they have good or excellent amounts of fruits and veggies available to them in their local grocery stores. The lack of grocery stores in the Philadelphia neighborhoods causes many people to buy food that is already prepared for them. National trends show that over the past 25 years the percentage of food consumed outside the home has increased. People spend most of their money buying prepared food such as fast food because they have more access to fast food than supermarkets. There is a strong association between poverty, poor health and lack of access to fresh food through supermarkets. People with the fewest resources have less access to the components of a healthy diet.

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