Did you purchase any produce today?

CLP date:  1/14/2011

Community Survey – Understanding Food views in East LA by survey

It was time to collect information from in-person interviews to have a better understanding of how people in East LA view Food.  In-person interviews are effective for gathering in-depth information about a topic from a small number of people.  By designing, distributing, and discussing a small survey, we can explore what the members of our community think about food!

 We surveyed a group of consumers that had completed or where preparing to go into the store for their food purchasing.  Since we only had about an hour to conduct the survey and we knew we would encounter people with time constraints we  limited the number of questions we asked.

 Learning Objectives for our students 

  • Develop  survey questions
  • Develop a survey
  • Conduct a survey

Here’s what they came up with:




Shopping Location:

What Produce items did they purchase:


Sex:  M / F


1)       Did you purchase any produce today?  Y  or   N

  1. a.      If N, Why?


2)      Do you think produce is affordable?    Y or  N


3)      Is Freshness important to you?  Y or  N


4)      What percentage of your food purchase today was produce?  


10%    20 %  30 %  40%  50%  60%  70%  80%  90%  100%


5)      Do you shop for produce at different Markets?  Y or N

  1. a.      If Y, Which ones?

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