So we begin!

CLP date 4-15-2011

After 3 mnths of reading, researching, and learning about the food system we where ready to begin the alteration of Edith’s Market.  We began drawing a quick sketch of the layout of the market.  The store has 3 large refrigerators on the east side wall of the store, that can’t be removed.  There are 3 aisles going from south to north with narrow walkways.  The shelves are stocked with plates, cups, condiments, baby food, sodas and much more.      The store has a small section that hold spices and dry bulk items like beans.  In front of the cash register you can find all the chips and two large freezers full of ice-cream.  Underneath the cash resister in a glass display you can find all the candy.  The produce is found scared all over the store; inside the refrigerators and in separate produce case found in the back of the store.    The layout of the store is not very conducive to healthy eating.  We draw and label all these things on the sketch.

Before we began to sketch the new layout, we identify the cons of the store layout


  • Narrow aisles
  • Junk food is all over the front of the store
  • No clear produce section
  • Lack of healthy items
In the new sketch we leave the refrigerators in the same place since they can’t be moved.  In the northwest corner we place the new produce section that will hold all the produce.  Next to the produce section we expand the spice and dry bulk section, that will double their stock.  We place all the junk food in one section and place it about 15  feet away from the cash register ( it’s a small store).    We place a narrow aisle between the refrigerators and the produce section, leaving plenty of space for people to shop.    Next step is going to determine what will be stocked which we will begin to discuss next week..