Grand Re-opening of Edith’s Market Dec. 2, 2011

Hi!  We are celebrating today because Edith’s Market which is right across the street now has fresh produce! We have face painting, a cooking demonstration and a garden tour.  Just go over to the lunch area and don’t forget to get your Fresh Veggies at Edith’s Market!

Our day started at 10 am as LA CAUSA Americrops Service students meet.   The students began to make signs, printed flyers, folded pamphlets, and got our supplies ready.   After having lunch we meet back up packed up and went on over to Humphery’s Elementary School.   We unloaded the van and began placing our banners up at the Pavilion and at Edith’s Market.    Once the students let out we handed out the organic apples and stickers to the students and parents.  As the students and their parents walked over to the pavilion we began painting faces with strawberries, apples, peas, carrots, and more.   As soon a crowed gather the food demo began, Food Blogger Nicole presented a fresh healthy kale salad and passed out samples.   As part of the celebration we also had tours of the Humphery’s School garden with LA CAUSA helps maintain.


At no time at all we where out of apples, over 700 organic apples where handed out that day.  At the cooking demonstration, students where asking for a second, third, fourth and even an eight sample.   One of the Humphery’s students stated “this is the best thing I have eaten in school”.   The face painting table had the longest line, with every student wanting a veggie on their face.





There is now fresh produce available at Edith’s Market on 498 S. Ford Blvd. East Los Angeles, CA 90022 and its even organic.  Thanks to our friends from the South Central Farmers here’s what available at the Market






Blue Kale
Black Kale
Castilla Pumpkins
Round Squash
Mustard Greens
New Mexico
Santa Fe Peppers
Bok Choy

Come shop!

A Fresh New Look, with Fresh Produce.  A Fresh New Start!

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